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Lightweight isolation for software build and test

About two years ago, I decided that it’s not a good idea to constantly download unreviewed software written by untrusted individuals and to run that software with full privileges on my laptop. If I was telling a child how to avoid getting viruses on their Windows machine, this would be obvious and normal. But because […]

Using Polyspace Code Prover to verify server software

Polyspace Code Prover is a commercial software verification tool. I exchanged many emails and four phone calls with Mathworks in order to convince them to give me a one-month free trial. Unlike my usual toolset, it is not “free as in freedom”, it is free as in “have fun with those FlexLM bugs, bwahaha”. But, […]

Thecus NAS

I just bought a NAS, specifically a Thecus┬áN2200EVO, to do LAN music streaming and some other miscellaneous storage tasks at home. I was just on the verge of disappointment at a few minor niggles, when I discovered the SSH interface. It lets you log in as root. It’s Linux on ARM. All the partitions are […]

Measuring memory usage with strace

In the tradition of abusing high-level Linux tools to produce useful low-level data, I present a method for estimating peak memory usage in Linux by text-processing the output from strace: measure-memory This Perl script invokes an arbitrary command via strace. It adds up memory allocated by mmap2() with no location hint and the file handle […]